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Streamlining Data Sharing for Influencers and Amazon Sellers Collaborations

Welcome to Influencer Insights. With our smart dashboard you can eamlessly and securely share valuable data with your Amazon seller partners. Say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets and convoluted communication channels. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily share key metrics like clicks, add to carts, sales and revenue, so everyone is always on the same page. Don’t let data-sharing woes hold you back from achieving your business goals. Sign up today for free and experience the power of Influencer Insights!

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influencer insights

About Us

Influencer Insights was built by frustrated Amazon sellers

Before Amazon Attribution was introduced, we had no way of knowing if our external traffic ads were getting conversions.

Amazon Attribution provided us with more data, but creating our own Facebook and Google ads with Amazon Attribution links only solved a part of the problem.We still had to deal with manually creating Attribution links, remembering which link belongs to which ad, and spending most of our time having to go back and forth between the Facebook Campaign Manager Dashboard & Google Adwords Dashboard (to see how much we spend) and Amazon Attribution’s dashboard (to see our sales).
… and then take out our calculator and do the math to get our ACoS

We knew there had to be a better way. Which is why we made Influencer InsightsI

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